Important Information!

Young men and women 18 years of age or younger are invited to participate in the 2021 Kansas Cowboy Poetry Youth Roundup.  Youth can win prizes and earn scholarships by writing, recording, and posting an original cowboy poem.   The poem should be a rhyming verse that honors the agricultural lifestyle, western heritage, and the farm and ranch men and women of America. Contestants are able to submit one video entry for the contest. The submission can be serious or humorous. 

These video entries are to be posted online by you no later than AUGUST 9TH, 2021. For more information on submissions please see our "How To Enter" page.


The contest is for ORIGINAL WORK ONLY.  Poems should be created by the contestant presenting the poem.  All poems should be family-friendly.  No profanity or inappropriate language is allowed.  



2020 Youth  Roundup Winner:

Katrina Turner

The champion will receive a trophy buckle and the top three winners will receive a certificate signed by the Governor of Kansas, gift cards to leading western wear stores, and an educational scholarship.  First place will receive a $500 scholarship, second $300, and third $200.  The funds are to be used for post-secondary education or technical training.  If the recipient is not scheduled to graduate this year or next, the funds can be held for the recipient's future use. 

Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges on a thirty point scale, based on 10 points for each of three factors:  

  1. Quality -  The technical quality of the poem itself. i.e., the rhyme and meter of the poem - does it rhyme well, does it flow, is meter correct?  

  2. Theme - Is it truly cowboy/western?  Or just general in topic?  

  3. Presentation – delivery of the poem - effective stage presence, polish of the performer, etc.  


A perfect score would be a total of 30 points.  Ties are broken based on the scores in the Quality category.

Videos of your poems will be posted on YouTube for viewing by the panel of judges and the public. We encourage friends/families/classmates of contestants to watch and like the videos online. The number of likes will be factored into the final ranking, so encourage everyone to like your video!